LitePub for ActivityPub Implementors

JSON-LD context

LitePub implementations are not required to use @context properties on their messages. A conformant ActivityPub implementation is required to process these messages with an injected @context of "" as described in the ActivityStreams 2.0 Core Specification

However, the LitePub Core Vocabulary differs from the ActivityStreams 2.0 Vocabulary. It is suggested that LitePub implementations supply a locally hosted version of the LitePub JSON-LD Context as their @context. It may be useful to inject a local copy of the LitePub JSON-LD Context instead of the default ActivityStreams 2.0 context when a message is received without a @context as it defines the full LitePub Core Vocabulary in a way that is useful to JSON-LD processors.


LitePub implementations MUST use HTTP Signatures to verify the authenticity of messages being delivered to or from peering nodes. The details surrounding the way HTTP Signatures are implemented in LitePub are discussed on the Overview page.