LitePub protocol suite

LitePub is a suite of protocols which provide a federated social network. They constitute various profiles of the ActivityPub specification. It is intended that LitePub implementations provide compatibility with ActivityPub, but there are some core behavioral differences.

LitePub core

New implementors of LitePub are encouraged to begin by reading the high-level LitePub overview, as well as reading about the specific LitePub profiles which are composed using the LitePub core vocabulary.

ActivityPub implementors looking to improve compatibility with the LitePub ecosystem should read the LitePub for ActivityPub implementors document.

LitePub discovery

The primary method of interaction with LitePub services is through an inbox URI, but discovery of that inbox URI is not human friendly. Accordingly, supporting the LitePub discovery WebFinger profile will help to provide a mapping of email-style addresses to inbox URIs.

LitePub implementations

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